Death Warmed Over

Vampire Accords Book 1

During the height of the Necromancer War, Mason’s fate was decided. While grappling with the transition from human to vampire, Mason assists in the infected ward, continuing her work as a medic. That’s where she meets Ian. Not Everyone survives to become a vampire and Ian becomes her mentor in all things undead.

Over a century later, Mason seeks Ian’s help after she rescues a young girl. The reunion isn’t the stuff of fairytales as Mason discovers Ian has a new lover, Jason. And Dorothea, the mysterious young girl, is more important than they realize.

Each answer Mason discovers leads further into a plot to retaliate against the one person who mediates between vampires and the rest of the world—The Envoy, Lennix Creighton. With so many lives in the balance, Mason risks her own undead existence to discover the truth.

This is a spice vampire polyamory speculative fiction (romance, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure) with a HFN.

Readers can expect a lot of interaction with death and trauma due to war and blood. There are several threesomes, same-sex interactions, pain for sexual pleasure (bites and spankings), and breeding talk/play. The main character (Mason) is plus-sized and is not chaste. She has sexual interactions with several individuals through the course of the book who are not her intended primary partners. The primary partners relationships are based on open polyamory.

Content Warnings: blood, gore, kidnapping, secondary character death, discovery of child abuse, torture, on-page sex.

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