Royce’s childhood was anything but calm. As an adult with famous parents, he preferred to live away from the public eye. All he needed was a boat, a crew, and his best friend Pete. That changed when Royce made a mistake that dropped him into the Gulf. Struggling for survival, his rescue isn’t from above, instead it comes from the sea itself in the shape of a legend long thought extinct and relegated to stories. 

Fascinated with life above the waterline, Troller happens upon a fishing boat with a lone person on deck. When the sailor falls overboard, he doesn’t stop to think about the consequences of rescuing the human. When he comes face to face with Royce, he’s instantly enamored, but his people haven’t shown themselves in centuries. Troller swims away, afraid he’s risked his people’s safety, unable to forget the man he saved.

A year later, Troller uncovers the secret keeping his people below the waves. That knowledge could cost him his life. He swims to the one place he might be safe and arrives on Royce’s boat, naked and exhausted. Their mutual attraction quickly becomes more as they build a life together. When their secrets threaten to separate them, will love and trust be enough to keep them together and alive?

Reader Guidance: Readers will find a gay romance with a cozy mystery in a contemporary setting, where the characters learn secrets from each other. This will culminate into exploring the underwater lives of merfolk (aka waterfolk). This is a high spice/heat romance with an HEA and while there is sex on page there is also teratophilia (monster sex). You’ll find lots of representation and exploration of gender and orientation in the context of an urban fantasy/paranormal world with different species and magic. Other topics that are explored: Adoption/Guardianship, Communication issues via language barriers, Quiet uprising, Society in self-isolation.

Content Warnings: Explicit on-page sex. Capture, torture, imprisonment by antagonist, teratophilia.