Rare Temptations

A Dragon Shifter Sapphic Romance

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When a very curious fire dragon approaches a demi-goddess for a job in her BDSM club, a subtle chemistry only a dragon can sense leads to a surprising attraction for both of them. As the resort’s summer season ends, they each have to sort through their feelings for the other and decide if this was a fling or something more.

Rare Temptations is a spicy dragon sapphic speculative fiction (romance, fantasy, sci-fi).

Readers can expect an initial lust attraction between the characters that grows into something more. There is a great deal of talk about sex, sex with other partners, and exploring desires and boundaries safely. While one character is a mistress of a BDSM club, the characters do not engage in BDSM in this book.

Content Warnings: explicit on-page sex, teratophilia, accidental attraction/stalking.

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