The Dragon’s EGG

The Saint George Chronicles

Volume Three

Xavior and Gregor are expecting!

Only in the second year of their relationship, life together seems more complicated than ever. With family, friends, and love surrounding the couple as they welcomed new life into the world and plan for the future.

Just as Gregor and Xavior are starting to navigate the bliss and trials of parenthood, Xavior receives word about his brother, Denis. Stationed on one of the many moon bases pursuing scientific research, Xavior’s informed that there was an accident. No one is sure what happened, but Denis currently rests on the Moon’s surface, stuck in an unending phoenix cycle, caught between life and death.

The United Science & Exploration Association asks Xavior and Gregor to help rescue Denis via Gregor’s ability. The guys agree, and family and friends rally to help with this unexpected and unprecedented mission to have a Saint George Knight save one of the world’s most renowned dragon minds from the surface of the moon.

Once the rescue mission begins, other things come to light, and the pair wonder if they are in over their heads. Each new secret revealed to them threatens to jeopardize the future Gregor and Xavior hope to have. Can they mount a rescue and return to their life together? The cost may be more than the dragon and knight duo had anticipated.

Reader Expectations: (coming soon)

Content Warnings: egg laying, sex-on-page