The Saint George Chronicles

Gregor Lyndon became a public safety officer to help people. Greg thought he left his family’s legacy of canonized heroes that rescued maidens from dragons. What he can never get away from is his family’s ability: the power to take down a dragon with one killing blow. 

Xavior Brantley has lived a somewhat reckless life for a dragon. He’s been an explorer, an investigator, traveled to parts of the world that individuals have barely ventured. When he became bored, he turned to public servant work. A transfer to a local headquarters makes things a lot more interesting when he meets Greg and discovers the secret of the Saint George Knight.

The Saint George Chronicles is a series in the Mythical Desires Universe where myths and legends coexist alongside the problems of modern life.

This is a slow burn queer romance with sci-fi, and fantasy trappings. Readers will experience the lives around the characters and a great deal of their personal and intimate lives while they figure themselves out. (AKA – no one is chaste in this book.) The characters do end up together and there is a HFN. This should appeal to audiences that like queer romances, enjoy urban fantasy romance, and enjoy reading sex on-page.

Content Warnings: This story contains depictions of public safety officers (police), on-page sex (includes: D/s, dub-con), on-page sex with secondary characters, drug use, character death, on-page domestic violence (Non-MCs)

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