October Reading Delights

I’ve been busy, so I didn’t finish as many books as I wanted to this month, but I still have a fair number to mention.

Contemporary Romance

Toying with Temptation by A.H. Cunningham

HO-LY SHIT! This book starts out with an interesting meet-cute then takes off from there, then asks: What if two hot, smart, horny people end up on an island together trying to figure out their lives?

It’s funny, sex positive, communication positive, queer rep, and pushes all the right buttons. Highly recommend!

Monster Romance

Kickstarter Series: Peculiar Tastes by Bonkers Romance

This series of books should now be available to purchase/read separate from the Kickstarter, but I mention the Kickstarter because there will be a second season that involves Pirates from Bonkers Romance. Jenny and Katee will be back for that season with four more authors.

All the books in this series are very good, but the standout for me is “The Fae Queen’s Captive.”

Sex and body positivity with a sapphic romance seem scarce these days, and this one did it very well and didn’t shy away from the main character being a large woman with healthy sexual desires.

All six novellas were a delight to read. They feature monsters with humans or two monsters. And all but the one I mentioned are M/F romances. They are all currently available on Kindle Unlimited.

Ensnared by the Werewolf by Lillian Lark

This is another sexy novella with a monster and a witch that are hot for each other, but the wolfman can’t seem to shift back and that puts a damper on their growing relationship. If you’ve read “Found by the Lake Monster,” and wondered what happened to the original date, this novella will answer that for you.

It’s a very sweet romance that dips its toes into the unrequited love territory before it rallies to bring you the HEA you want. You also get some details about how things are going with the gargoyles as well. Definitely hit the spot while waiting for “Entranced by the Basilisk.”

Urban Fantasy/Romance

Darkness Defined by S.Bolanos

When two shadow demon students find themselves as roommates at school designed to teach and train supernatural students from all over the world, they aren’t sure about each other. Slowly, a friendship grows into a bit more, as Matt and Alexi are drawn into a mystery that relates to their shadow demon powers.

This is an adult, slow burn, M|M Urban Fantasy Romance that has all the classic college drama with the twist of the supernatural.

Nine books isn’t too bad for one month! Will definitely be back with more sapphic reads next month as I downloaded a bunch that I’m looking forward to reading. Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, The HEA Collective on Patreon has an outstanding group of authors featuring themed novellas every month. I recently joined and I’m looking forward to my first novella. If you need more quick reads in your life, I highly recommend this Patreon group.

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