A Free Palestine

I’m writing this as a more formal way of declaring where I’m at with my personal beliefs on the subject.

Some of you might follow my IG and know I’ve been reposting stories and words from other folks that are much better informed and more eloquent about the subject than I am.

I won’t dive into the points, or the history, but I will share some things you can do to help.

Call your senators and representatives:

Make donations:

Middle East Children’s Alliance

Palestine’s Children Relief Fund

Palestine Writes Literature Festival

Adalah Justice Project

Also attending protests when you can and signing petitions.

If it feels hopeless, you’re not wrong. It is daunting to stand in opposition to your own government. We currently have that freedom. It’s a freedom that several folks amassing power want to take away from us – the citizens of the USA.

Our government sees more profit in backing a genocide than it does in trying to find a peaceful solution. Even at the state level, money is involved. Texas has millions of dollars in bonds.

The Texas Comptroller’s Office also purchased $65 million in Israel bonds in recent weeks to help provide financial liquidity to respond to Hamas’ attack. Since 1994, Texas has invested in Israeli bonds yearly. The state holds about $140 million in Israel bonds, according to the comptroller’s office.” – from the Texas Tribune.

If money, gas, and oil continues to remain our driving goal as a country, we will continue to fund atrocities currently happening Palestine, Sudan, and the Congo. We will continue to be met with violence in parts of the world and even in the US. That violence will be used as justification to turn on our own citizens who did nothing wrong.

We are seeing it already with the censure of Rep. Rashida Tlaib for nothing more than speaking for her constituents and her heritage.

We are creating these problems with our consumer nature and capitalism. With our division and manufactured hatred of the supposed “other.”

As a white woman, I have the privilege to speak up. And to listen to those that understand things better than I do.

My stance is this – might does not make right. We are losing what it means to be human. If you can watch people crying for peace and mercy and not be moved to act, to do something, anything. . . I’ll never understand.

Black Lives Matter

Palestinian Lives Matter

Trans Lives Matter

“From sea to shining sea. . .”

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